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Avesina Group is an investment firm
Who We Are

The Avesina Group was founded more than 20 years ago as a pioneer within the field of healthcare services.

With a strong belief in leveraging technology to strengthen the patients’ individual choices, increase quality and patient safety, Avesina was one if the first within the industry to digitalize its services. By doing so the group was able to implement a holistic perspective throughout the whole healthcare chain, increase accessibility and profitability to boost rapid growth.

Equality, inclusion and personal development formed the core of the company’s culture which fostered creativity and a unified vision to improve the healthcare system. During the 20 years that Shori Zand built Avesina together with her sons Emad and Daniel, who joined the family business in the expansion phase, Avesina drove change, national healthcare reforms and implemented new innovative solutions that became golden standard within the industry.

Avesina today

Today the Avesina Group is an investment firm with a clear mission – to drive change trough innovation, by increasing customer utility and satisfaction, as well as creating a positive societal impact.

With a strong track record as entrepreneurs building successful companies, Avesina is now dedicated to support and enable visionary entrepreneurs committed to build businesses which make a difference. Today the portfolio includes companies within the healthcare, biotech and medtech sectors. Avesina has a diversified holding strategy that includes listed and non-listed equities, bonds, and other investment instruments.

When meeting entrepreneurs, I always look for their drive to accomplish something good. Both their heart and mind, and the ability to convert bright ideas into business.

The Avesina Health Care Group was founded in 2000 with a clear vision to individualize care and care services according to patients’ needs and to integrate technology in healthcare services to achieve an innovative, efficient and suitable care process.

Already in 2000, Avesina advocated a freedom of choicesystem to give people the right to choose their care provider. A democratic right with the goal to create accessibility, securityand patient satisfaction

Innovative thinking, dedication and forward-looking work enabled Avesina to in a very short time, position itself as a strong player in the market and win several major government contracts. Avesina took an active role in and became a strong voice in the industry striving for a free market with healthy competition, increased diversity amongst healthcare providers and for equality in the workplace



Avesina Health Care Group

Our history

  • 2000
  • 2003
  • 2006
  • 2008
  • 2011
  • 2015
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2022


YEAR 2000
Establishment of first clinic in the County of Östergötland. The ambition is to create a new type of clinic with a home-style environment were the patients’ choice is in focus.


YEAR 2003
Avesina expands and starts a gynecology clinic in the County of Blekinge.


YEAR 2006
Avesina Group is firmed as the company moves into new verticals such as elderly care, diagnostics, primary care, specialist care and hearing. Avesina wins a large contract and expands from 7 000 patients to 40 000 in one year.


YEAR 2008
Winning three combined Government contracts, Avesina becomes the largest provider of mammography screening as well as in hearing in Sweden.


YEAR 2011
The Avesina Group exits its investments in diagnostics, elderly care and gynecology. The Group is restructured into an Asset management branch that trades in listed equities and bonds, and an Investment branch focused on building innovative


YEAR 2015
Avesina Hearing is sold to the Danish William Demant Group. The transformation of the Avesina Group to work exclusively with investments and company building starts now.


YEAR 2017
Avesina Hearing is sold to the Danish William Demant Group. The transformation of the Avesina Group to work exclusively with investments and company building starts now.


YEAR 2019
Avesina Hearing is sold to the Danish William Demant Group. The transformation of the Avesina Group to work exclusively with investments and company building starts now.


YEAR 2022
Avesina Hearing is sold to the Danish William Demant Group. The transformation of the Avesina Group to work exclusively with investments and company building starts now.
A Family-owned company

Avesina Health care was a family owned and a family run company where Shori Zand and her sons Daniel and Emad were active and involved in various leading positions in the company’s growth and development. The company under the leadership of the family with a strong corporate culture was characterized by diversity, gender equality and quality awareness, grew from 2 employees to 1400 employees and from one business to a group with 6 companies with a turnover of about half a billion. The family made their total exit from the market in 2015 to change course and this time as an investment company with an interest in Medtech, life science and welfare focused companies.

Shori Zand

Chairman and founder Avesina and its subsidiaries

Entrepreneur and investor. Has conducted activities in areas such as primary care, specialist care, elderly care, diagnostics, and hearing care. Among other things, she is a member of the steering group for Nordic Scalers.
Previously served on the board of, among others, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.
Shori is the founder of Freedom of Choice Law that fundamentally changed the Swedish health care sector. Thanks to Shori, we can today see a high rate of innovation and competition on the healthcare sector which are fundamental drivers for increased quality and efficiency.

Daniel Zand

Managing Partner / VD Avesina Group Holdings

Economics Harvard University (Extension School)
Bsc BBA Jönköping International Business School
Since 2006 in healthcare and since 2013 in the tech industry as CEO, Investor and COO. Daniel was involved in building and scaling Avesina as COO and Vice CEO between 2006-2010. Together with Shori, Daniel played a central role in reforming the Swedish health care sector by introducing Freedom of Choice Law (Lagen om Valfrihet).
Between 2010-2020 Daniel has been working with both public and private health care providers, Swedish startup and tech scene as founder, investor, and board member to numerous companies.

Petra Rydenman

CFO – Partner Avesina Group holdings
VD Crescera AB

Msc Economics Stockholm School of Economics
Experience of financial management in both healthcare and heavy industry. Petra has an excellent track record as CFO and Accounting Manager at Scania Finans 2015-2019, CFO at Avesina 2011-2015, Treasury at EF Education, among other roles. Petra has worked in Sweden as well as internationally. She has a track record form turn-around projects, building scalable and measurable financial models and corporate development towards operational excellence.